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How to contact Neteller

Neteller is an ewallet service provider. Today topics how to contact Neteller.

If you use Neteller you may face many problems during account use. So you need to find out the problem. You need to contact Neteller for solving your issue.

There is 3 way of How to contact Neteller

1. Via email(recommend)

2. Via call service

3. Web message

How to contact neteller via email

First, log in to your email and compose an email to [email protected] Like the below picture.

Write a sub by what is your problem in the description describe your problem. And send an email to Neteller a few moments later you receive a mail with a ticket or case number.

Within 24 hours Neteller replies to your email. Then you should find the way.

How to contact Neteller via call

Call: +442033089525

Mon – Fri (8am – 5pm )UK local time

Note: If you call Neteller you must speak Neteller agent no one or third party can not speak. They asked several questions that you are the account holder.

1.First, they asked for your customer ID or register email address.

2.Second, they will be asked your Date of Birth Full address and postcode.

3.Third, they may be asked Your last transection amount time or when you create the account or the last 4 digits of your ID card.

After successfully passed security verification you can tell everything about your problem with the Neteller agent. Neteller agent will help you.

How to contact neteller via web message

First, log in to your account and click contact us then contact now.

Select your question category.Find your problem type your problem and then sent a message.

You can check your country supported number from Neteller right of the contact us form.

If you call via Caller ID they will not be asked a security question.

You can find your problem automatic Neteller support section.

This is the section where Neteller already answer many questions answer. If you find your problem type same question then you get an instant solution fastest.

Hope this all step help you to get a solution from Neteller.Stay connect with us everytime for update Neteller news.

Feel free to contact us anytime


Email:[email protected]

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