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Neteller Skrill Affiliate Programme. How to get Neteller or Skrill affiliate

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Hi and welcome to Ewallet-Bomber. If you want to promote NETELLER and

Skrill on your website or a particular product that supports NETELLER

and SKRILL as a payment method. We offer an affiliate of NETELLER and SKRILL.

Neteller Skrill Affiliate Programme

Receiving a commission through NETELLER and SKRILL Affiliate Program is quite simple. Once you refer your content users to NETELLER and SKRILL they deposit their funds at a merchant.

How much do you earn from NETELLER SKRILL Affiliate?

  • 0-100k$ you will get 0.03% every Deposit. That means if your user made a deposit of 1k$ you would get 3$ as a commission. If your user deposit 100k$ you will earn 300$
  • 101k$+ you will earn 0.035% for every Deposit. If you reach 101k$+ Net Deposit then your commission will count as 0.35%.

What Benefit you will get from Ewallet-Bomber

You will get verified within 30 minutes.

-No minimum deposit is required for Verification.

Neteller Instant Bronze PRO VIP. Fast track VIP Service.

How to get a report

We can send you a statement twice a month, if your deposit volume will be more, than 100k. If less than once a month.

How you get payment

we send all member payments 10-15th days after a month ends. All payments processed by USDT Trc20

our member work

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