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Skrill Transaction decline problem and Solution

Skrill transaction decline is a common problem. Everyone may face this problem. When someone tries to deposit marchet that’s the time they face that your transaction was declined please retry your transaction.

Why did Skrill’s transaction decline? problem arise

Skrill said they do not support one person using multiple accounts they use verified cookies to decline the transaction.

So when you use an IP and device and login multiple skrill accounts and try to deposit that’s time must be your transection will decline. But in reality,

even if one person uses his account on his dedicated device he may face this problem.

so no one guaranteed that he can not face this problem.

This problem occurs because Skrill does not support buy-sell Skrill money.

But a lot of people buy Skrill money from an unknown person.

This is one of the most costly of Skrill’s transaction decline. Try to add money from your deposit option if you do so you never face this problem.

What is the solution for Skrill’s transaction decline?

There is no immediate solution right now. Your transaction will decline a minimum of 24 hours to 72 hours.

After this time frame, you can able to deposit your fund but in some cases, it takes 28 days.

Make sure you must clear your browser data and history cash and cookies try to use the new device after 2-3 days.

  1. Clear your browser’s history, cache memory and cookies. 

2. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and that you are not using any proxy servers or public networks.

3. Make sure you have the newest version of your internet web browser installed.

4. Check for any add-ons or restrictions of your browser that might be causing the issue and disable them, if any.

In the meantime contact skrill about why transaction decline arises and what is the solution. Compose a mail and sent it to Skrill.

After contacting Skrill, you can find out your problem. what was the reason and when this will be solved

you can try to send your fund to another Skrill or withdraw to Neteller immediately.

More information you will find in the Skrill help centre

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