How to get a Refund from

Why Neteller Close my account

This is very disappointed when Neteller closed the account. They have many terms and conditions when users void any terms they closed the account. They do not tell you what was wrong. As they prevent money laundering and terrorism

If any Neteller Account was closed there is no way to reactive the account. Because this was their business one can back your account.

If any account closed and account have fund so you can refund your money.

But a Neteller refund is very hard depending on closure .They refund money in various ways.

1.Sent Fund to another Neteller Account Holder


2.Withdrow your fund to your bank Account (In this case, you can log in to your account after the refund approve then you can add a bank account and withdraw your money.)

Please be advised that Neteller sometimes applies an administration fee on the account. you will notice if any administration fee will apply to your account.

What Refund Documents Neteller want

• a photo of yourself, holding your ID document next to your face from both sides;

• a copy of your bank account statement, showing your name, address, bank account number (IBAN), SWIFT code, and name of the bank. The copy of your bank statement must be issued within the last 90 days.

how to done bank withdrow

If your holding and Bank Statement are approved then you get the money. Until the approval of both documents, Neteller can not give you money.

If your neteller Account was closed.Frist of all you need to contact neteller and request for refund

Read the airticle how to contact neteller

The most serious issue is when your documents can not approve several times they can not give your refund anymore. When they can not validate your documents this probably negative verification checks on refund documents

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